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Orgmatch Joins Elite Accelerators to Revolutionize Philanthropy

VANCOUVER ---- September 16, 2023

Orgmatch, a leading technology company based in Vancouver, is thrilled to announce its acceptance into three prestigious accelerator programs: 500 Alberta Accelerator, Startout GrowthLab, and SFU VentureLabs.

Founded by CEO Trevor Loke and CTO Timothy Chipperfield, Orgmatch is committed to revolutionizing philanthropy through technological innovation and industry expertise.

"This is a significant milestone for us," said Trevor Loke, CEO of Orgmatch. "We are excited to learn how to better serve our customers while scaling our impact."

The Accelerators

  • 500 Alberta Accelerator: A world-renowned startup accelerator, fostering entrepreneurial talent and propelling startups to new heights.

  • Startout GrowthLab: Focused on championing LGBTQ+ entrepreneurial talent and promoting inclusive business practices.

  • SFU VentureLabs: Based at Simon Fraser University, this accelerator is a powerhouse in fueling innovation in technology sectors, including co-working, office, meeting, and event spaces for Orgmatch to access.

Orgmatch's leadership team is focused on its 18-month growth trajectory. The inclusion in these accelerators comes as Orgmatch is already seeing substantial growth in its user base and has received positive feedback for its pioneering matching algorithms that create impactful partnerships between organizations.

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